PET50 Black Laser Etch delivers on quality and price

PET50 Black Laser Etch

Labels are essential in delivering critical safety information to automobile owners and technicians that must remain fully intact and legible for a vehicle's lifetime. Clear legibility is specifically true for applications that require vehicle identification labels (VIN), unique device identification (UDI), and item unique identification (IUID) that appear on specific components and undergo extreme conditions.

Laser markable labels feature materials marked and converted by laser machines, resulting in an ultra-durable text or image. This technology provides excellent marking precision that increases the legibility of text, images, or barcodes, making them easy to read or scan and, therefore, ideal for the types of applications mentioned above. Furthermore, they feature high resistance against mechanical, chemical, and climatic influences, providing the longevity necessary for long-term applications.

Laser markable labels have been in the market for a long time due to their high performance and security features, making them the perfect solution against manipulation or tampering. But often, they come with a high cost and security benefits that are unnecessary in all cases. 

PET50 Black Laser Etch

The benefits of PET50 Black Laser Etch

These factors cause companies to seek more affordable solutions that offer similar benefits as traditional laser markable labels. This is where our PET50 Black Laser Etch solution ( PET50 BLACK LASER ETCH -S8029-BG45WH FSC) comes into play. 

Our PET50 Black Laser Etch solution offers comparable long-lasting results at a more favorable price and fully customizable security features can be easily added when necessary. Our  PET50 Black Laser Etch is also recognized by The Underwriter Laboratory (UL) for indoor and outdoor use. 

Automotive manufacturers and machinery and equipment manufacturers who are looking for long-lasting labels for the unique identity of a specific component experience the following benefits when choosing PET50 Black Laser Etch facestocks: 

  • Improved printing flexibility and design freedom: No need to commit to high MOQs. Purchase unconverted rolls of laser etch materials, apply text, create your unique design, and print the exact amount of unique labels you need. If you use the same design on every application then you can easily make updates to the design in a software program (for example if there are changes related to compliance or the logo) and apply that updated design to the same application worldwide.

  • Cost effective: With an entry-level laser marking machine, mark the labels in-house using PET50 Black Laser Etch, which is less expensive than existing materials.

  • Performance: compared to thermal transfer printed labels, the chemical and abrasion resistance of printing laser etch labels is higher.

  • Convenience: Our material requires a less complex machine setup to get the best printing results. 

Beyond automotive 

The added value of laser etch labels goes beyond the Automotive market. Laser marking technology can also benefit other applications such as medical equipment, fire extinguishers, washing machines, tools, machinery, and electric cabinets. For example, unique device identification systems on medical equipment can use laser markable labels to adequately identify devices, improve patient safety and modernize postmarket device surveillance.

For more information about our PET50 Black Laser Etch product and request samples, get in touch with your Avery Dennison representative or contact our automotive labeling team.

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