The power and precision of transfer tapes in the automotive world

The power and precision of

transfer tapes in the automotive world


In today's evolving automotive landscape, businesses often face the challenge of finding innovative solutions that allow for customization without compromising efficiency. The need for flexibility in creating custom labels that meet specific demands has never been greater. Introducing Avery Dennison's transfer tapes – solutions designed to address your customization needs while ensuring high-quality adhesive functionality.

Transfer tapes are designed to turn any material into a self-adhesive substrate effortlessly. Each adhesive is carefully crafted and positioned between two release liners, making them the foundation of many labels. This is particularly true for labels with a high degree of complexity, such as RFID labels. One of the standout benefits of these tapes is that they enable users to create custom self-adhesive laminates. This includes selecting from a palette of liner types, colors, and adhesion levels. With our wide selection of tried-and-tested adhesives, users can either match them with unique face materials or produce limited batches of specific label materials as the need arises. Gum patterns are also available, bringing an additional layer of versatility to the table.

Unlike the typical route where converters are forced to source adhesives from different suppliers when special laminations are needed, we provide a one-stop solution. This not only streamlines the sourcing process but also offers the comfort of working with familiar adhesives, some of which comply with automotive specifications.


The power and precision of transfer tapes in the automotive world


Application spotlight

In the ever-evolving digital era, tagging products with RFID inlays is becoming increasingly important and valuable. These essentially provide automotive products with a unique digital ID that connects them to the Internet of Things (IoT), enabling businesses to achieve unparalleled supply chain transparency. However, the limited adhesive range of traditional RFID tags can pose challenges in extreme environments such as hot, cold, or wet conditions. Our transfer tapes effectively address this, ensuring the right adhesives are consistently paired with the inlays, guaranteeing performance even in the harshest conditions.

Beyond RFID, transfer tapes are also essential to security applications, especially where labels must endure multiple treatments or alterations, such as visa documents and holographic films. The transfer tapes can also be used to transform special face stocks into self-adhesive entities, such as fabrics or materials with smaller widths than our standard coating width of 1m. Furthermore, for designs where only specific segments of a label need adhesive, such as stripes or die cut in shapes, the design freedom offered by transfer tapes is unmatched.

Why Avery Dennison’s transfer tapes?

When it comes to substrate compatibility, our tapes are versatile. Be it metal, paint, or diverse types of plastics, our transfer tapes ensure robust adherence. With the flexibility to opt from an exhaustive adhesive list, these tapes promise compatibility with virtually any substrate. Our Transfer Tapes represent our commitment to adhesive innovation in the automotive industry. They combine adaptability, quality, and user-friendliness, providing label converters with a powerful tool to cater to their customers.


The power and precision of transfer tapes in the automotive world


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