Making logistics more sustainable with Watershed

Making logistics more sustainable

with Watershed

We collaborate with partners across our supply chain to develop solutions that reduce our environmental impact and enable others to reduce theirs as well. For example, we’ve teamed up with Tosca to switch much of our product distribution in Europe from wooden to plastic pallets, saving CO2 and reducing waste in the process, and we’re helping our partners make the switch as well.

Plastic pallets are lighter weight and more durable than wooden pallets, so they can be re-used more often and are less likely to break, helping reduce the risk of damage, waste in the supply chain, and CO2 emissions. Tosca pallets can be used over 100 times, and when they can no longer be used they are recycled.

Soon after we joined the Tosca program, we started trialing it with our customer Watershed Group, Ireland’s largest privately owned producer of innovative, best-in-class labeling and packaging solutions for many of Europe’s leading food, beverage, consumer, pharma, and retail brands.

We spoke with Production Manager Sean Crosby about the impact the Tosca pallet program has had on their operations and sustainability goals.

What was your motivation to participate in the Tosca pallet trial?

We are always open to incorporating any new processes that help with sustainability and cleanliness.

How are you using the Tosca pallets?

Before we would receive all materials on wooden pallets and use those pallets to ship out our finished labels. Now we use Tosca pallets for receiving goods at a growing number of our sites, which means we no longer need to bring wooden pallets into our warehouses at these locations.

Making logistics more sustainable with Watershed

Labeling materials stored on Tosca pallets at a Watershed facility

How does the Tosca program fit into your sustainability strategy?

We are currently developing a best-in-class, full ESG sustainability framework and should achieve full ESG status by July 2023. An important aspect of our sustainability journey is determining and reducing our organizational carbon footprint, and the Tosca program supports these efforts.

We continue to work with Avery Dennison to improve our sustainability credentials and be market leaders in progressing the circular economy.

Making logistics more sustainable with Watershed

An employee working at a Watershed facility

What benefits have you noticed so far?

By swapping 1398 wooden pallets for Tosca pallets, we were able to reduce our carbon footprint by the equivalent of 1.87 metric tons of CO2 in 2022 - a significant reduction. 

Also, because plastic pallets are far less likely to break compared to wooden pallets, they make warehouse management far easier and safer. Furthermore, when wooden pallets are damaged or splinter they leave dust on the factory floor. This is contraindicated for label production and is a barrier to achieving British Retail Consortium (BRC) AA certification for safe food packaging.

How will your usage change in the future? 

Our long-term goal will be to have only plastic pallets across the entire Watershed Group.


Making logistics more sustainable with Watershed

An example of labels converted by the Watershed group


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If you wish to learn more about joining the Tosca pallet program, contact your local Avery Dennison representative.