IZB roundup: what we learned from the expo

IZB (Internationale Zuliefererbörse) is the leading European expo for suppliers in the Automotive industry. It took place from Oct 11th - 13th, 2022, in Wolfsburg, Germany, welcoming  940 exhibitors from 37 countries and 43.000 visitors. We’re proud to have been one of these exhibitors, representing four business units: Label and Packaging Materials, Avery Dennison Smartrac, Performance Tapes, and Fastener Solutions. Discover the key trends we observed at the show and how labels will play an important role in the cars of the future.


Top three trends from the show

Several key topics and trends were discussed, including traditional technologies and improvements and structural changes in the industry. However, major themes centered around the electrification of vehicles and sustainability. 

  1. Sustainability: Sustainability is undoubtedly a hot topic among automotive manufacturers and suppliers. We are experiencing a new era of sustainability in the automotive industry driven by new regulations such as the Digital Product Passport (DPP), which focuses more on how we can extend the life of EV batteries. Furthermore, the industry is experiencing a growing customer focus on eco-friendly practices. A study conducted by Accenture found that 64% of respondents were 'sustainability-minded drivers,' describing themselves as very or extremely concerned about the environment, underlining the importance of this topic. 

  2. Electrification: Electric vehicle production is soaring as European legislation sets high targets to reduce CO2 emissions. Industry players are accelerating the speed of automotive technology innovation as they develop new concepts of electric vehicles. With this industry shift, there are new challenges concerning label requirements on new-to-market vehicle components and applications that require proper testing. 

  3. Digitalization & Connectivity:  Digitization and connectivity are expected to impact the automotive industry profoundly over the coming years. Key trends include autonomous driving, predictive maintenance services, and complete transparency from production through the second life of different automotive components. In fact, the automotive industry sees connectivity as an important value-add, and sales are expected to grow to 35 million by 2025.

Our key takeaways

There is a clear need to improve current products going into the Automotive market to make them more sustainable and efficient. As a result, many new products and solutions will be required to keep up with the electric vehicle boom including battery wrapping, thermal management, RFID implementation and full supply chain transparency. 

Avery Dennison is on top of these trends and constantly working toward innovative solutions that will prepare manufactures and suppliers with the labeling materials necessary for the cars of the future. 


Want to learn more?

For more information on how labeling materials can support the key trends in the electrification of vehicles, have a look at Avery Dennison's label and RFID solutions for electric vehicle batteries, our intelligent labeling brochure, our Automotive Label Materials product guide, or contact your Avery Dennison representative.