Introducing new Inkjet materials for on-demand printing

Packaging needs are becoming increasingly variable, as brands find more opportunities around personalization, explore small-batch production, and respond to regional and industry requirements for product information display. Businesses need a way to quickly and cost-effectively flex to changing needs, and many are leveraging on-demand, Inkjet printing to do so. 

To fully take advantage of the flexibility of on-demand label printing, companies need access to solutions for a wide variety of applications. With the launch of new film and paper materials designed for on-demand printing, Avery Dennison is expanding the water-based Inkjet portfolio and introducing new colors, finishes, and applications to the market. 

3 new films to open up the market

Inkjet printing is expected to see substantial growth over the next five years, with label printing emerging as one of the fastest-growing segments in the market. As more end-users adopt water-based Inkjet technology there will be more opportunity for converting companies to provide services and products to their customers. 

The label materials market for water-based Inkjet printing is relatively young, and converting companies can claim a foothold in the space by being early to market with new services and a diverse range of materials. The three new films from Avery Dennison introduce new colors and finishes to the market that converters can use to differentiate their offering.


New Water-Based Inkjet Films

Product Code

Product Name 




A silver matt PET film, for applications needing a silver matt look.



A gold PET film, for applications requiring a premium gold label with a glossy finish.



Tyvek material with tear resistant properties, suitable for various applications where material durability is important.  

If you’d like to explore which water-based inkjet materials would be more beneficial for your end-customers, get in touch to request full-color samples, A4 print sheets, and test rolls for the WBIJ materials that most interest you. 

The full overview of available materials can be found in the product guide: Materials for Water-Based Inkjet Printing

A familiar wine label now on-demand 

Also new to the water-based Inkjet range is a new structured paper designed for small batch and on-demand printing of wine labels. Based on Avery Dennison’s popular Martele Blanc labels, the new material has been specially treated to retain the familiar look and feel of the paper while offering high print quality with Inkjet technology. 

The new water-based Inkjet Martele Blanc showcases the vivid colors of aqueous inks, making it an ideal solution for brands using on-demand printing for small batch production or limited edition labels. For wines and beverages that need to be chilled, the new material can hold pigment-based inks firm in the ice bucket without color bleed. 


New Water-Based Inkjet Structured Paper

Product Code

Product Name 




Label with the look and feel of uncoated paper.

Inkjet materials

If you’re looking for a classic paper feel for your on-demand printing of wine, beer, food and beverages, or cosmetics labels we invite you to try out the new WBIJ Martele Blanc. Get in touch to receive your full-color samples, A4 print sheets, and testing rolls. 

Digital Material Finder 

Our water-based Inkjet portfolio has been tested with pigment-based and dye-based inks using the main Inkjet printing models in the industry. To easily find which materials are suitable for your specific printing technology, have a look at Avery Dennison’s Digital Materials Finder

The Digital Material Finder is an online tool that lets you quickly discover the right materials for water-based Inkjet, UV Inkjet, dry toner and liquid toner printing. You can filter results by your printer model, material properties, or application for an instant list of suitable products. The tool provides detailed information about the characteristics, performance, and compliance of each material that makes it easy to find the right solution for any digital printing project.



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