Design can change the world

Avery Dennison and Supperstudio show how to build a brand through values at a packaging design exhibition
Design Can Change The World - Avery Dennison


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OEGSTGEEST, The Netherlands – (January 27, 2022) - The smallest gestures lead us to achieving the biggest goals. Imagine a new way of doing things. The challenge of coming up with a clear purpose is now a compulsory one for brands. Raising awareness of the need to preserve the seas and oceans, giving visibility to disadvantaged groups, or combating intolerable attitudes and practices are all crucial components of making brands relevant and demonstrating social commitment through packaging.

Through their exhibition ‘Design can change the world’, Avery Dennison and Supperstudio join forces and seek to inspire other brands to build with values. The innovative project incorporates eight packaging concepts that were previously featured in the 'Build your brand' portfolio.

A part of the Madrid Design Festival, the Off Festival has featured some well-known illustrators such as Xoan Viqueira, José A. Roda and Rosemarie; photographers from the editorial scene such as Antón Goiri and culinary leaders such as Paco Arará. Also noteworthy is Javier Sánchez Medida, the Spanish craftsman who has conquered the world starting from his small workshop (notably working with Disney and Sarah Jessica Parker - no one can resist his creations).

'Design can change the world' is an invitation to do things differently. Paco Adín, Creative Director of Supperstudio believes that:

Consumers want brands that are committed to making the world a better place. Brands cannot remain indifferent to society's challenges and those who promote awareness are the future. It takes courage to build a committed brand.

When it comes to building a brand, all gestures count, which is why all the materials in this project were selected with sustainability in mind.

"Our labels are crafted with materials derived from organic fibers and waste, along with an FSC certification, which, in addition to joining the circular economy, reduces the carbon footprint and energy use," explains Miguel García BDM Wine & Spirits at Avery Dennison.

Event information:


‘Design can change the world’ will open its doors at Monbull, calle Almadén 19 - Madrid


From 2nd - 15th February 2022, between 11am - 8pm 


Supperstudio is a boutique branding and packaging agency with more than 20 years of experience in the sector. It is the only Spanish agency to have been named Agency of the Year by the Pentawards twice, in 2021 and in 2016. Supperstudio also ranks 8th in the world ranking of the best agencies.

More than 100 awards have been received by them at some major packaging competitions: the D&AD Awards, Laus, FAB Awards, Vertex and Best!n Food, among others.

More information at:  | @supperstudiodesign 

Avery Dennison is the global leader in the production of self-adhesive materials. We manufacture and distribute display graphics, labeling and packaging materials, and RFID tags that companies around the world use to engage customers and efficiently manage their inventories. You can find our products virtually anywhere, contributing to global commerce and impacting an array of sectors, such as consumer packaged goods, apparel, architecture, healthcare and transportation.

When it comes to capturing a brand’s essence through luxury packaging, our premium labeling portfolio includes special papers and films that stir the senses and provide the perfect canvas to tell the story of wine, gin, perfume, caviar and more.

Most of our premium self-adhesive papers are FSC® certified, and many others are made of recycled or alternative fibers, allowing the brand to enhance the packaging sustainability without sacrificing quality, performance and appeal. We are also working hard to help brands embrace circularity through AD Circular, our cost-effective program to collect used label liners and ensure they’re recycled so as to cut landfill waste. The AD Circular web application handles the hard work and provides certificates to show the reduced emissions. ( |

'Design can change the world' relied on the work of Coreti, Etinsa, and Estudios Durero for the graphic production of the labels and pieces.


A company dedicated to adhesive labels that has been in business since 1991. At Coreti, we manufacture self-adhesive labels for a wide range of product types and applications, starting with the wine industry, passing through food and textiles, the automotive industry, and logistics, among others.



Manufacturer of self-adhesive roll labels with more than 30 years of experience. They specialize in three lines of business: industrial labeling, food labeling and wine labeling, with specialized technical advice. (

Dürer Studies

A creative company specializing in graphic communication, art, and photography. Created in 1996, they specialize in graphic communication and creation of artwork, in a period that marked its transition from analog to digital within its sector, which unquestionably marked the trajectory of Dürer and steered it toward the avant-garde of creation. Visual and artistic. (


Specialists in premium solutions for the world of packaging for more than 25 years. Estal creates, designs and manages projects from the initial idea to the final product, providing maximum creative freedom, testing new materials, shades, textures, and applying the most advanced technical and decorative innovations. (


Xoan Viqueira

When children dreamed of becoming astronauts, doctors, or firefighters, Xoan Viqueira only thought about colored pencils. He studied and improved the drawings that he had done as a child until he became who he is today. An illustrator with his own style and a successful brand of products. (

Joseph A. Roda

Joseph is an Illustrator with a clear goal: to tell stories through drawings. You can find his work in advertising campaigns, products, and publications. He likes to share his own views and experiences through his illustrations. (


With a degree in Fine Arts from the University of ARCIS (Santiago de Chile), Rosemarie is an illustrator with more than 20 years of specialized experience in the publishing field and packaging design, areas in which she has developed her work for a multitude of brands. (

Anton Goiri

An experienced photographer with more than 20 years of experience, Antón is a benchmark of photography in Spain. His work has been published in major national and international magazines and newspapers. (

Paco Arara

Paco Arara is a culinary culture enthusiast and one of the most renowned food photographers in both the national and international arena. He works in the production of images for advertising campaigns and packaging projects for food and beverage brands. (

Javier Sanchez Medina

Extremeduran artisan and restorer Javier Sánchez Medina is based in Madrid, specializing in making mirrors and animal heads, which he terms 'ecological trophies'. All of his work is handmade and self-taught, and he always uses natural materials like bamboo, wicker, rattan, or fiber. (