Tosca pallets driving CO2 and cost savings for CCL

Tosca pallets driving CO2 and cost savings

for CCL

We join forces with partners across our supply chain to develop solutions that contribute to a better future and enable others to reduce their own environmental impact. For example, we’ve teamed up with Tosca to switch most of our product distribution in Europe from wooden to plastic pallets, saving CO2 and reducing waste in the process, and we’re helping our supply chain partners make the switch as well.

Plastic pallets have many advantages over wooden pallets. They are lighter weight and more durable, so they can be re-used more often and are less prone to breakages, helping reduce the risk of damage, reduce waste in the supply chain, and reduce CO2 emissions. Tosca estimates that its plastic pallets can be used over 100 times, and at end-of-life they are recycled.

About a year ago we started trialing the Tosca program with one of our customers in Ireland, CCL, the  world's largest converter of pressure sensitive and extruded film materials for labels and a wide range of other applications in packaging and beyond.

We spoke with Eamonn Burke, Warehouse Manager at CCL’s Dublin location, about the impact the Tosca pallet program has had on their performance and goals.

What was your motivation to participate in the Tosca pallet trial?

CCL Dublin is a plastic pallets only factory; we use plastic pallets for all of our storage requirements. We switched from wooden to plastic pallets to reduce waste and improve our sustainability. As we already had a plastic pallet policy, the Tosca system hasn't changed our strategy. However, previously we purchased our own plastic pallets from another supplier. Being able to use Tosca’s pallets rather than buy our own appealed to us for cost reasons.


Tosca pallets driving CO2 and cost savings for CCL

Labeling materials stored on Tosca pallets in the CCL warehouse

What benefits have you noticed so far? 

Using Tosca pallets is helping us reduce waste and our carbon footprint. At our Dublin location we will save the equivalent of 0.73 metric tons of CO2 for a total volume of 565 rotations, while at our Belfast location savings will be equivalent to 0.67 metric tons of CO2 for a total volume of 791 rotations. 

Tosca pallets comply not only with our sustainability guidelines but also with our good manufacturing practice guidelines. We used to strip down all wooden pallets that came into the factory. Now that we use plastic pallets, we do not need to strip material from wooden pallets, which saves us time and reduces mess and contamination linked to timber in the warehouse.

Furthermore, the Tosca scheme has greatly reduced our need to purchase pallets, resulting in significant savings.

How will your usage change in the future? 

We will continue to use plastic pallets for storage in racks and for printing presses. Going forward we may also use them in our finished goods area. We will also extend this approach to our other European sites.


Tosca pallets driving CO2 and cost savings for CCL

Tosca pallets being used in the delivery process

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If you wish to learn more about joining the Tosca pallet program, contact your local Avery Dennison representative.