• Getting started with RFID

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Your perfect solution, 15 years in the making.

As a global leader in RFID-enabled technology—with a production capacity of more than 10 million RFID inlays per year— and with more than 1750 patents and applications, we have the expertise to customise and integrate our end-to-end solutions into your operations. From business case development to complete solution rollout, benefit from our state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities to increase efficiency, reliability and accuracy throughout your supply chain.



Partnering with leading brands and retailers

Intelligent Labels collaborates with hundreds of leading brands and retailers, helping them to improve efficiencies and increase profits with RFID. Are you contemplating integrating RFID into your business’ supply chain management? Here are a few key considerations…

  • Do you have visibility to your item-level inventory accuracy?

  • Are you aware of the impact it has on your business?

  • How robust is your stocking and replenishment program?

  • Do you want to make your inventory more visible and productive?

  • Do you want greater insight into your consumer’s buying habits?

  • Do you want to reduce waste in your operations – and increase sustainability?



How to Get you Started

Integrating RFID into your business operations is made simpler with our 5-Step Business Case to Adoption Plan; it takes you from initial business case to full RFID adoption. From the start you will experience increased speed, accuracy, visibility, and productivity from source to consumer  – with the ultimate goal of increased margins.


1. Business Case

We collaborate with you to develop and verify an ROI plan specific to your business – and clearly outline the next steps in your


2. Custom Solution

As your implementation partner, we customize your solution and engage outside partners

as needed.

3. Pilot Process

Leveraging our experience with RFID users, we begin with the key benefits and establish KPIs to help you gauge progress.

4. Initial Rollout

We guide and assist in-store associate training, change management, initial tagging, and

compliance monitoring.

5. Full Adoption

We support the rollout of final categories and are available to guide you in source-tagging – to improve your payback and ensure smooth


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