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Release liners are a critical part of your label construction and play an important role in performance. Whatever your application, we offer a range of liner materials that meet your targets for shelf appeal, sustainability and cost.



Glassine or PET?

Smooth glassine paper and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) are the most widely used materials for release liners. We offer high-quality glassine liners in different thicknesses and colors, and thin-yet-strong PET liners in several thicknesses. Both glassine and PET liners can be paired with paper and filmic facestocks.

HygroFlat liners

For certain specialty applications, our HygroFlat liners can be the best choice. HygroFlat is a bleached kraft paper that’s clay-coated on one side, providing stability and low sensitivity to moisture in varying conditions. HygroFlat liners are designed with layflat properties to deliver excellent interfolding characteristics. 

Liners for advancing sustainability

Our rPET and rBG products are made with materials carefully selected from post-consumer waste streams, allowing you to meet sustainability targets and offer a compelling differentiator without compromising on cost, performance or shelf appeal. Additionally, our liners made with FSC®-certified glassine and thinner materials can also increase your label’s sustainability. 

Recycle your used liners with AD Circular 

Liners make up an estimated 35% of the million-plus tons of label waste generated every year, even though both glassine and PET liners can be recycled. Our AD Circular program makes recycling liner materials easy and cost-effective, and allows our industry to take a major step toward sustainability. Learn more and sign up here.


AD Circular - A comprehensive program providing recycling of used paper and filmic label liners in countries across Europe.

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AD Circular