Removable Labels Portfolio

The ability to offer customers truly reliable removable solutions is crucial for converters across Europe. Avery Dennison offers one of the most comprehensive portfolios of peelable solutions in the market, including general purpose, application-specific and ultra-removable adhesives. It means dependable performance across a broad range of substrates and applications.

Full technical support is available when choosing the right peelable labelling material – and especially the most suitable adhesive. Avery Dennison will help you consider many key factors around label performance and clean removability, such as:

  • Substrate (smooth, rough, curved, surface energy)

  • Long-term or short-term removability

  • Exposure to UV and moisture

  • Facestock-adhesive combination

  • Printing technology

Application areas

  • Promotional retail labels and point-of-sale (newspapers, price tags, magazines, books, discount items, kitchen items, gifts)

  • Industrial tracking (barcodes, inventory management, WIP labelling, logistics)

  • Window labels

  • Kiddie stickers

Removable Adhesives Overview

Removable Labels for Retail Product Overview

NEW: Removable labels for windows

An efficient supply chain appeals to every manufacturer, including those dealing with sensitive surfaces. Find out more about cleanly removable labels designed for window glass.

Thought Leadership

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