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Pharmaceutical labels and packaging solutions

Our dedicated portfolio of pharmaceutical paper and film products offers you tailored options for a variety of applications from syringe to ethical and OTC containers. Plus, our customer-ready products offer an added layer of security, lessening the chances for issues such as contamination and recalls.

Product Overview

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Collection

Build a healthier business with dedicated pharmaceutical labeling solutions.

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Blood Bag Labels

Reliability and simplicity for identification labeling. Primary and secondary blood bags solutions.

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Brand Protection Labels

Wide portfolio of tamper-evident and security labels to protect pharmaceutical products against counterfeiting.

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Cold Chain + Cryogenic Labels

Ensure clear identification of biological materials from collection to storage, transportation and delivery to the medical facility and, ultimately, the patient.

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Syringe Labels

Labels specifically designed for small diameter syringes and auto-injectors for better dosage security and sterility.

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Intelligent Label Portfolio

We have combined our broad range of pharmaceutical label materials with RFID solutions, giving converters a onestop shop for servicing their customers' needs.

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