Food Labels


Food Packaging Solutions

A selection of labeling products to help brands respond to leading consumer trends in the Food industry.

Functional Packaging


Stand Up Pouch

Stand up pouches have grown in popularity for a wide variety of food items becuase of their versatility, functionality and variability of shape. Pouches also enable sustainability through the use of less packaging material and more units per shelf space as well as allowing for more product on trucks, reducing emissions.

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Peel and Reseal Labels

For food items like deli meats, rice, pasta or coffee, our reclosure portfolio provides innovative packaging solutions that meet various wet and dry applications combined with sustainability. Reclose labels are designed for the easy opening and/or multiple open-close cycling of flexible packaging.

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Innovative Adhesives


Hot Melt Adhesives

Hot melts have been a go-to choice in the Food industry. C4500 is best for room-temperature, while C4510 works for cold-temperature applications. They’re ideal for meat, poultry and cheese packaging formats including recycled cardboard, low surface energy substrates, and rough or difficult-to-adhere-to surfaces.

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AD CleanFlake™ Technology

AD CleanFlake™ is designed for use with HDPE and PET packages for food, beverages, home and personal care, and more. It helps brands meet sustainability targets, comply with regulations, and advance circularity by increasing the availability of recycled plastic.

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Food Safety


Food Rotation & Safety

Our dissolvable label construction is designed for food service containers. The adhesive and paper facestock disintegrate in seconds in water, leaving virtually no residue. This provides multiple benefits: The lack of residue helps reduce the risk of bacterial contamination, and there’s less cleanup, enabling more efficient food service operations.

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Intelligent Labels

All companies have a recall response plan, but identifying, isolating, and disposing of affected products can be a manual, labor intensive, complex process. By enabling item-level traceability with RFID and blockchain, the timeframe to respond to recall can be significantly shortened from days and weeks to a matter of seconds.

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