Non Pressure-Sensitive Film

Product Overview

Rapid-Roll® Shrink Sleeve

Shrink Sleeve materials are available to suit almost any shape of container and to cope with different shrink techniques used to apply the label

Product Overview

Rapid-Roll® Eklipse™

Superior brightness and whiteness, high-performance shrink percentages and the opportunity to lower costs by eliminating high-barrier / multi-layer primary containers.

Product Overview

Rapid-Roll® Synthetic Tag

View our synthetic tag products designed to maintain the look and processing capabilities of paper, with the strength and durability achieved only from a film-based substrate.

Product Overview

Rapid-Roll® High Strength Films

Our portfolio includes products designed to maintain the look, feel and processing capabilities of paper, with the strength and durability of a film-based substrate.

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Applications Guide

Rapid-Roll® High-Strength Applications Guide

This guide was designed to provide product comparisons for commonly used DuPont™ Tyvek® applications.

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Thought Leadership

Think Shrink for Beer and Beverage

With an expected 5.5 percent growth rate, shrink sleeves are fast becoming the go-to labeling technology for cans, bottles and containers.

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