Chemical Drum labels

Chemical Drum + Lubricant/Oil Cans Labeling

Packaging oily, aggressive or hazardous lubricants and chemicals poses unique challenges. Our high-performance drum labels—including materials for GHS-compliant labels and materials tested for BS 5609 sections 2 and 3— stand up to petrochemicals and the punishing environments their packaging must perform in. Whether resisting environmental pressures, providing printability and readability, our drum and can-label solutions are proven to perform.

Drum Labeling

Whether for painted steel or molded polyethylene drums, our film facestocks have been chosen for their ability to withstand harsh environments.

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Streamlining the UL® approval process through file adoption

Instead of going through the entire process for each material and each application, converters can simply adopt a UL-recognized file of preapproved label systems.

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Global Client Service Laboratory

Developed with the goal to generate test data for our customers in support of UL® and cUL® recognition for durable goods labeling.

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