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Peel and Reseal Labels +
Reclosure Portfolio

On-the-go consumers are demanding more convenient, easy-to-use functional packaging; Avery Dennison’s Select Solutions Reclosure Portfolio has been designed to deliver just that. Reclose labels are designed for the easy opening and/or multiple open-close cycling of flexible packaging. They provide an economical method of repeated pack sealing – combined with branding – in one label.

Reseal Label Applications Areas

Wet applications, such as wet wipes, include water, scents, oils and chemicals within the saturating fluid that come in direct contact with the adhesive.

Moist applications, such as packages containing perishable food, deli meats, cheese, or produce.

Dry applications, including items like cookies, rice, pasta or coffee.

Reclosure Portfolio Product Overview

Heat Seal Product Overview

Value Chain - Reclosure Heat Seal

Value Chain - Reclosure

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