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Food and Drink

Food and Drink is a diverse, competitive and ever-changing category. Regulatory compliance and functionality like freshness protection are just the beginning. Designers also have to factor in shelf appeal and brand protection. Our hardworking food-and-beverage label solutions—which include exclusive decorative ranges, functional packaging and intelligent labels that engage consumers and reduce food waste—help balance all those competing priorities.


Beer + Beverage

Pressure-sensitive labels make it easier for brands to compete at the shelf with the appearance, shape, performance and functional properties needed to tell a unique beer story.

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Our food label solutions help food packaging do everything it needs to do. Our materials enable eye-catching accents like embossing, holograms, and the clear-on-clear 'no label' look, while delivering functionality like track-and-trace and other security measures.

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Functional Packaging

“Functional packaging” is a new and fast-growing phenomenon, it’s helping brand owners add value to existing products while transforming the way consumers make decisions at the point of sale.

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Security Labeling Solutions

Proven technologies to help prevent product tampering. Learn more about these proven solutions for an era when product safety is a growing concern for many consumers.

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Wine + Spirits

Our expansive and largely exclusive wine and spirits portfolio offers multiple options for drink labels that deliver both standout shelf appeal and functional excellence.

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