Avery Dennison to “Pioneering Change” at Labelexpo Americas 2018

Booth will focus on how Avery Dennison partners with converters to change the industry

Avery Dennison is building on the theme it launched at Labelexpo Europe in Brussels “continuing to demonstrate how it pioneers change in the industry in the spirit of the company’s founder, R. Stanton “Stan” Avery and the innovators who are following in his footsteps.

Labelexpo Americas will take place Sept. 25 – 27 at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois (near Chicago). The Avery Dennison booth is #119.

“Avery Dennison is dedicated to the evolving nature of our industry with a continued commitment to change that helps label converters remain ahead of trends, grow their business and bring creative, sustainable solutions to their customers,” said Tina Hart, vice president of marketing Avery Dennison. “In our world, standing still is not an option. Avery Dennison drives and creates change. How end users interact with packaging keeps us ever-vigilant in embracing the latest technologies to best serve our customers – and their customers.”

The Avery Dennison booth offers five themes, each emphasizing the industry evolution that impact converters, their customers and ultimately consumers.. New products and features are highlighted, as well as the company’s commitment to sustainability, and an introduction to the newly created North American iLab and Customer Experience center.


The themes include:

Change your Horizons

Functional packaging, a new and fast-growing category that helps brand owners add value to existing products while changing the way consumers make decisions at point-of-sale, will be emphasized. Including features such as reclosure and flexpak, converters can take advantage of these trends to deliver new and exciting options to their customers.


Change Perceptions

What makes a consumer choose one product over another? What encourages them to go beyond their initial scan of a group of products, reach out and choose one over the other? Premium labeling is one way a brand can differentiate itself on the shelf to make the sale in a competitive market. Avery Dennison’s portfolio of unique facestocks offers converters and brand owners a variety of products and technologies to help change perception and deliver shelf appeal.


Change the Future

Avery Dennison is committed to eight primary 2025 sustainability goals. In 2018, the company is driving change through recycling and material solutions to help converters and brand owners improve their sustainability impact through product offerings such as Avery Dennison’s ClearIntent™ Portfolio, which includes hundreds of responsibly sourced facestocks and adhesives, as well as products that include recycled content and improve overall recyclability.


Change the Game

“That’s the way we’ve always done it” doesn’t cut it in 2018. Today, it’s all about changing the way it’s done and delivering innovations that add value to help converters succeed today and in the future. Game-changing labeling innovations such as RFID technology and innovations aimed at productivity improvements for digital printing are just two of the ways Avery Dennison is helping converters not only change, but enhance, their game.


Change your Experience

Avery Dennison has developed a variety of services to help converters leverage the company’s broad experience, expertise and overall scale. In-house UL testing in an accredited lab, customized solutions from the Engineered Solutions team, design guidance from the Concept Lab and hands-on support from Avery Dennison’s compliance experts are just a few of the ways Avery Dennison is committed to serving converters. These and others, such as a sneak preview of new capabilities in intelligent labels demonstrated i our latest North American iiLab will be featured.


For those who can’t attend Labelexpo Americas 2018 or are interested in learning more, the company has launched a Labelexpo landing page at label.averydennison.com/labelexpo. Customers can also contact their Avery Dennison sales representative for more information.