Cryogenic + Cold Chain Labels


Our range of labels for cold chain and cryogenic applications helps ensure clear identification and protection of biological drugs, bio-banking products and blood components from the moment they’re collected to the moment they’re administered to the patient. 

Our labels are compatible with a variety of printing methods, including UV, flexo and thermal transfer. They adhere to many kinds of substrates—including polypropylene, glass, PVC and steel—reducing the risk of potentially catastrophic mixups due to label displacement. They’re conformable, for excellent mandril performance and labels that won’t lift off. And they stand up to freeze-thaw cycles down to -196°C, ensuring product protection from source to patient.

Cryogenic and Laboratory Applications Product Overview (ANZ)

Cryogenic and Laboratory Applications Product Overview (South Asia)

Cryogenic and Laboratory Applications (Sub-Saharan Africa)