Film Labels

No other film performs like Avery Dennison film. Across the broadest range of applications, including food and drink, personal care and home care, our prime film products set the standard for conversion efficiency, adhesion and brand aesthetics.

Avery Dennison Pioneers Of Film

Pioneers of Film

Since 1935, our film portfolio has led the way in labeling with a steady stream of groundbreaking technologies and innovations.

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Polypropylene (PP) Film Labels On Bottle

Rigid Film

Bridging functionality and appearance, our rigid films reliably deliver a 'no label look' and enable high-speed dispensing.

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Conformable Film Label On Shampoo Bottle

Conformable Film

Endlessly evolving packaging shapes can make label conformity a challenge. We designed our unique collection of fully and semi-conformable films with precisely those challenges in mind.

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Bottle With Decorative Label

Decoration + Shelf Appeal

Your label can make the difference between a consumer’s browsing or buying. Our films help your brand stand out when it matters the most.

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Bottle With Sustainable Facestocks, Adhesives, Liners And Label

Sustainable Solutions

Reduce your packaging’s environmental footprint with our ClearIntent™ portfolio, which features products that are responsibly sourced, use fewer materials and facilitate recycling.

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Topcoats for film labels

An impressive image comes with superior printing that lasts. Engage with our versatile topcoat solution that works exquisitely for you.

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