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Sustainable Advantage

More brands are moving toward sustainable packaging so that they can meet consumer demand, stay ahead of regulations and improve the environment, especially when it comes to single use packaging. The materials in our Sustainable Advantage Portfolio make it easy to improve the environmental impact of packaging without sacrificing performance—and in many cases, without paying more.

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Towards a More Sustainable Future

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Target Net Zero.

A new era in carbon footprint measurement with the Carbon Trust.

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Make PET Packaging More Recyclable

Use CleanFlake™ technology to tell a better recycling story.

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Responsibly Sourced

Film made from renewable alternatives and paper certified by the FSC® or other organizations

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Reduction in the Use of Materials

Thinner facestock, adhesive or liner that uses less raw material to be manufactured

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Enables Recycling, Reuse or Compostability

Solutions that enable the reuse and recyclability of packaging and label waste, and is compostable

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Made from Recycled Content

Facestocks and liners that include post-industrial waste or post-consumer recycled content

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Sustainable Advantage Standards

Products within the Sustainable Advantage portfolio offer meaningful improvements to the entire industry value chain.

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AD Circular

Even though liner and matrix waste is recyclable, far too much is going to landfill. Our global network of processors will haul and recycle it at the same cost or less as what you're paying now.

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