Built on Breakthroughs

In 1935, we invented the first self-adhesive label, and we’ve never looked back. With each passing decade, our innovations have further shaped our industry by lifting the limits on what labels can do. The world’s successful brands know that innovation and evolution are the lifeblood of longevity and success. We’re proud to help them continually expand the boundaries of what’s possible.

Blazing the trail for an industry
Consumer tastes are ever-changing. The only certainty in consumer-goods is that the landscape will continue to shift. Brands need a ready stream of label and packaging solutions that break new ground in functionality, efficiency, and visual appeal.

We’re pioneering a rich pipeline of innovations by collaborating with customers, brands, and technical experts. We value an open approach. We find inspiration everywhere, and we’re eclectic in our exchange of ideas, drawing insight from diverse sources within our industry and well beyond.

We’ve built our reputation on being at the forefront of our industry. We’re committed to staying there.

Our Latest Innovations
Our innovations generally come in two sizes. There are the incremental improvements we continually make to our existing products and services—to help customers stay abreast of changes in printing technologies and regulatory requirements, and to make our products progressively more sustainable. Then there are the breakthroughs—the landmark innovations from our R&D team that build on our pioneering legacy and push the label industry forward.

Our Latest Product Innovations

NEW! Heat Sealable Reclosure System

– A functional packaging breakthrough

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Intelligent labels or 'smart labels'

—are rapidly improving many aspects of how we live

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Our Innovation + Technology Centers

Strategically positioned across the globe, our Centers of Technology and Innovation support major innovation initiatives for Avery Dennison. These include extensive customer application simulation testing, design of experiment testing, prototyping, as well as analysis and engineering of pressure-sensitive labels, creative packaging solutions and other product design constructions.

Our Centers of Technology and Innovation house dozens of research laboratories and employ close to 300 engineers and scientists. To accelerate the product development process, pilot coaters and presses enable a variety of coating trials and generate new product samples for rapid prototyping and new creative packaging development.