Electronics and Appliances Labels


Label applications on electronics and home appliances are highly diverse and nearly universal. Sometimes, labels are part of the devices themselves. Other times they facilitate identification, transport, manufacture, or safe use. We offer a wide range of materials and adhesives that enable labels for electronics and appliances to carry out their mission, whatever it might be.

The right materials and adhesives 
We’ve designed our electronics and appliance labels specifically for the needs of those industries. Our topcoated, white, matt chrome, silver and transparent polyester materials work in combination with our adhesives to work with various surfaces and substrates.  Adhesive performance is key and Avery Dennison’s full range of UL-recognized self-adhesive materials allows customers to pinpoint the right level of product performance for the task at hand.

The right know-how
Does your label need to look like it’s part of the product? What standards or specifications must it meet? Is it invisible to the consumer but instrumental to production? From electronics solutions to appliance expertise to compliance labeling, our in-house experts know the electronics and appliance industries and are ready to help.

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