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Beauty is booming—and rapidly evolving. Millennials crave instant interaction with the brands they love. Brands need ways to become an increasingly integral part of their customers daily lives, while still standing out on the shelf, meeting compliance requirements, and offering packaging that is more sustainable.

Avery Dennison enables converters and brands to achieve every one of these objectives. We combine decades of pioneering technical expertise with a huge range of solutions that deliver on shelf appeal, performance, sustainability and the all-important connection with consumers.

Functionality and Compliance
Beauty, fragrance and cosmetics labels have to work hard. First, they have to comply with regulations. Then they have to fit on small packages of varied shapes and sizes and perform like champions through the supply chain, in the store, and, finally, in the consumer’s’ home. We have the solutions and the deep segment experience to ensure that your labels never fall down on the job.

Shelf Appeal and Intelligent Labels
Once you’ve solved basic functionality and regulatory compliance, other challenges await. Shelf appeal is one. With more than 75% of all purchasing decisions made at the store shelf, innovative packaging is essential to product differentiation. At the same time,consumers are beginning to expect personalised experiences and interaction with the brands they love.  We combine a broad, largely unique portfolio of decorative solutions for beauty, fragrance and cosmetics packaging labels with the largest portfolio of UHF, HF and NFC RFID inlays to enable you to stand out on the shelf and directly engage with consumers, all in one solution.

Holographic Product Overview (ANZ)

Holographic Product Overview (Sub-Saharan Africa)

Wet Reclosure Product Overview (ANZ)

Wet Reclosure Product Overview (ASEAN)

Wet Reclosure Product Overview (South Asia)

Wet Reclosure Product Overview (Sub-Saharan Africa)

Holographic range (South Asia)

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