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“Functional packaging” is a new and fast-growing phenomenon, it’s helping brand owners add value to existing products while transforming the way consumers make decisions at the point of sale.

Functional packaging goes beyond simple product containment, offering consumer benefits such as extended shelf life or easy open/close. The category includes flexible pouches and stickpacks, and may utilize pressure-sensitive reclosures, RFID Intelligent Label technology, and/or security (tamper-evident, anti-counterfeit) materials. 

By delivering greater utility, functional packaging increases the overall value of a product while enhancing the consumer’s experience. See below to learn more about what consumers had to say.

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To better understand how consumers perceive, select and interact with functional packaging, Avery Dennison partnered with MarketVision, one of the country’s leading providers of custom market research solutions. Read on to see what the top 7 benefits consumers look for with their functional packaging

Top 7 Reasons Functional Packaging Matters

A new and fast-growing category, “functional packaging” is helping brand owners add value to consumers hurried lifestyles through innovative product packaging solutions. This packaging innovation includes ease-of-use flexible pouches, stickpacks and pressure-sensitive reclosures. 

Here are the seven key consumer research findings that make functional packaging a trend worth paying attention to…

The value chain for functional packaging can be more complex than typical label converting situations. We're here to help you navigate this growing area and connect you with partners who can help make solutions come to life for your customer. Learn more about the value chain at the links below.

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