Sustainable packaging solutions

The world can’t afford to continue wasting materials. And neither can you. It’s time to think about products in a new way, beyond the point of use. We’re leveraging our legacy of innovation in labels and packaging to design sustainable solutions that are better for our planet. By looking to the future, we’re empowering consumer-focused brands to create lasting change, reduce their consumption of natural resources, and move towards a circular economy.

Sustainable ADvantage Portfolio

Enables Recycling, Reuse or Compostability


CleanFlake™ Adhesive Technology

Labels that conserve resources and improve yields associated with PET recycling.

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Compostable Portfolio

Facestock and adhesive combinations that can be reintroduced into nature.

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HDPE Recycling

Clear and white films recognized by the APR for HDPE recycling.

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Direct Thermal Films

DT BOPP films recognized by the APR for PE Film recycling.

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TrueCut™ AT2550 Adhesive

Fully repulpable, AT2550 adhesive meets key criteria of the recycling industry and ensures that it may be fully recycled at the label’s end life.

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Contains Recycled/Renewable Materials


rPET Liner

Labeling materials constructed from recycled content, closing the loop for a more sustainable, circular economy.

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Hot Melt Adhesives

USDA BioPreferred Certified Adhesive contains 45% renewable content.

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Reduction in the Use of Materials


Eco Portfolio

A selection of label solutions engineered to improve productivity, lower costs and improve sustainability in eCommerce applications.

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Responsibly Sourced


FSC®-Certified Materials

We offer hundreds of label options made with Forest Stewardship Council®-certified paper and film made from renewable resources.

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Sustainable Labels & Packaging

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