Engineered Solutions

Our Engineered Solutions service helps you to develop custom-made labels that differentiate your business and grow your bottom line. After eight decades of innovation and pioneering change in the labels and packaging materials industry, we still love a challenge. So if we don’t already have a solution for your specific needs, we’d love to work with you to create one.

Engineered Solutions Team

Our Engineered Solutions team includes some of the industry’s most experienced professionals. They’ll explain the latest market developments and trends in innovation, and then use that knowledge as the foundation for developing your unique solution.

John Evola

John has 25 years of label and packaging materials experience. With a diverse background including roles in research and development, sales, and technical consulting, he is able to quickly present viable solutions and is the director of the team.

Tony Zalba

Tony has been helping converters and brand owners identify label and packaging solutions for more than 20 years. He takes great pride in helping his clients solve challenging applications with custom designed products.

Shane Bendelewski

With nearly 10 years of label and packaging materials experience, Shane is responsible for growth in specialty product segments through new, application-specific product development, utilizing new and existing raw materials, processes and technologies.

Pete von Kleist

Pete has 42 years of experience in the label and packaging industry. During this time, he has held positions in quality, research and development, and custom product development, with a specialization in the wine and spirits segment.

Rick Bertone

Rick has more than 15 years of label and packaging industry experience. In his current role, he designs, recommends, and oversees the manufacturing of custom solutions for his clients’ specialty needs.

Jana Braun

With more than 16 years of label and packaging materials experience, Jana assists her clients in navigating the specialty arena, including working to engineer custom products for specialty applications.