Re-engineered Films for HPC

Re-engineered films for a fast-changing health and beauty segment High-Performance Primax® and FasClear® help converters respond to new trends

The next generation of fully conformable film solutions is here. Primax and FasClear—relied on for decades—have been re-engineered as true, high-performance films. They’re poised to help converters respond to packaging trends, and grow their business, in the fast-changing health and beauty segment.

The evolution of health and beauty packaging

Health and beauty packaging is undergoing a significant evolution, evident by a dramatic growth in the number of available shapes and sizes, and changing brand demands. This is being driven by a variety of factors, ranging from millennials’ buying habits, demand for ease of use, and the need to stand out on shelf through design and aesthetics.

Take small sizes, for instance. According to Euromonitor, by 2021,
4-ounce bottles, 5-ounce tubes and 1.5-ounce tubes are expected to grow on the average by 6 percent.

So, what does it mean?

Yesterday’s converters could confidently plan for a few, standard packaging formats, sizes, and materials in the health and beauty segment. But today, converters need to adapt to a landscape in which there are really no standards. Brand owners, meanwhile, are demanding packaging and material solutions that deliver shelf appeal not only at the point of sale, but long after the buyer—and the container—have left the store. 

A high-performance solution

 Avery Dennison’s topcoated High Performance Primax® and FasClear® films have been introduced to help converters deliver the aesthetics and durability across a broad spectrum of sizes and shapes.

These films deliver true high performance. They’re suitable for challenging bottle shapes, irregular containers, complex label designs, and tubes. These fully conformable MDO films enable squeezability and tight mandrel performance by conforming to a variety of package sizes. They target applications such as mascara, eyebrow gel, concealer and face creams.

Additionally, High-Performance Primax and Fasclear:

Feature a topcoated surface that resists scuffs and enables the use of higherintensity inks.
Deliver a high sheen, for a gloss look that stands out on the shelf.
Offer high levels of clarity, making them an ideal choice for the “no label” look.

The bottom line: High-Performance Primax and FasClear deliver the kind of shelf appeal and durability that brand owners in the health and beauty segment demand.

Try these high performance films yourself

What’s the best way to understand what we mean by “High Performance”? Sample High-Performance Primax and FasClear on your next application.

Both are available from Avery Dennison as trial rolls. This offer includes buddy rolls you can use to perform an apples-to-apples test against your current, preferred film.

The films are also available through the Avery Dennison EXACT® service program. Contact your Avery Dennison representative to learn more and get started.

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