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Application Consultants

Get to know the team providing customers with real-time technical support via phone, email or web chat .

High quality recommendations tailored to the customer
Avery Dennison Application Consultants (AC) provide pre-order technical support to customers via phone, email or web chat. Leveraging both deep product knowledge and customer-specific data, they make timely recommendations on the best product(s) to test for an application, and that are tailored to the customer’s existing inventory and capabilities. The team also provides technical training through offerings such as our PS101 and Technical Symposiums.  

Real-time support from a real person
Based out of the Avery Dennison LGM headquarters in Mentor, Ohio, our 10 ACs plays a critical role in our technical service strategy—a realtime, easy-to-reach source of reliable information and guidance.  

ACs can, for instance, provide extra confirmation to a customer who already knows which product they want to test. They can consult on substrate adhesion, product compliance information, environmental conditions, durability, product cost comparison, or provide other information to help the customer choose the best product to test for an application.

“We understand how important it is to be able to contact a ‘real person’ for support at the moment it’s needed,” says Brandi Davis, Senior Technical Services Manager. “So, we track our response time carefully to help the team learn and improve. For instance, we know we respond to 99.6 percent of incoming customer emails within two-and-a-half hours, and resolve the customer’s issue more than 73 percent of the time through that first response.”