Intelligent Labels: Visit Us

Seeing is believing—especially when it comes to the efficiency-enabling, communications-enhancing, brand-loyalty-building power of intelligent labels. We invite you to visit one of our state-of-the art knowledge centers, or one of our dedicated smart-label demonstration sites, to experience intelligent labeling’s advantages firsthand.


I.Lab, The North American Intelligent Label Center

Virtual I.Lab Tours

We invite you to join us on a virtual tour of our I.Lab in Mentor, Ohio, as we dive into state-of-the-art Intelligent Label and RFID technology. We’ll take you on an immersive journey through multiple industries — including automotive, retail, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics — starting from the supply chain all the way to point of sale.

Attendees will:

  • Learn RFID 101 details such as tag construction and methods for tag evaluation

  • See how Avery Dennison's experts drive business value through careful tag design and selection, optimizing RFID use across the global supply chain  

  • Understand how RFID reader hardware plays into the total RFID ecosystem