The Concept Lab

The Concept Lab is a creative, collaborative hub where we apply design thinking to packaging problems. Our resident team of material experts, packaging specialist and designers transforms fresh concepts and unexpected ideas into solutions for our customers. Exploring possibilities through 3-D renderings and hands-on prototypes, while joining our creative team in a free-flowing exchange of ideas, is, for many of our customers, their favorite part of working with us.

Bringing Concept to Life

Prototypes created by third parties can be time consuming and expensive to produce. But with its deep knowledge of the Avery Dennison portfolio, and its direct access to the company’s engineering expertise, the Concept Lab can dramatically shave time and expense. Working with the Avery Dennison portfolio, the concept lab can create “almost anything” you’d expect to see on retail shelves, getting very close to the construction and quality of an actual end product.

Pulling from different sources to fuel the innovation process, the team uses collaborative design thinking that can make a real difference to your operation. Reach out to your sales representative to get started on a project today

What the Concept Lab bring to the table is the ability to not just prototype design concepts, but to also bring their perfectly balanced expertise of design and print product to the table, taking our design concepts to the next level. This is not just important to the design team at Thirst, but to our global client base.

Change your Experience

The Avery Dennison Customer Experience Center is a breakthrough destination for customers to evolve their perspective and change their experience with new opportunities. Contact your Avery Dennison representative to schedule your visit today.