Mentor Innovation Center

At the Mentor Innovation Center, there are a number of specialty labs with technological and scientific resources that empower us to help our customers everyday. It’s here where new ideas begin, where we test our materials for performance and help solve your most challenging issues.

Capabilities: analytical lab, recyclability area, accelerated aging lab, release coatings area, graphics area, print lab, the UL® testing lab, adhesion lab, extrusion lab, TAPPI lab, pilot coater, converting room and the accelerated weathering and durability lab.

Accelerated Weathering

Accelerated Weathering and Durability is an area where materials and label constructions are tested in a variety of conditions including salt spray, intense ultra violet rays, heat and desert-like conditions. We gain information while pushing materials to their limits.

Analytical Lab

Experts in the Analytical Lab specialize in analyzing various label construction properties including die cuts and adhesive flow.


Dedicated to the performance evaluation of paper, the TAPPI Lab is an environmentally controlled area where we test all paper to TAPPI standards, such as facestock properties including color, opacity, brightness and gloss.

Global Client Service Laboratory

The Global Client Service Laboratory has been developed with the goal to generate test data for our customers in support of UL® and cUL® recognition for durable goods labeling. The lab simplifies the UL recognition process by streamlining product testing and qualification, easing the complexity and costs of UL interaction and compliance for converters.