UV Inkjet

Inkjet presses present a number of advantages over several other kinds of digital printing, including on-demand printing, short turnaround times and automated color management. Inkjet presses are also less expensive than other digital printers and don’t include click charges. Unlike flexographic printing, inkjet presses require no printing plates, further reducing cost. Inkjets also require less cleanup and maintenance. Inkjet presses have the highest projected growth rate among digital label printing technologies for the next five years.

Inkjet presses come in two types: UV and water-based.  UV Inkjet presses employ inks that are 100 percent solids and contain pigments, pre-polymers and UV-sensitive materials. Once the ink is printed onto a substrate, the pre-polymer hardens and forms a dry, colored layer under the influence of UV light. The hardened UV ink offers excellent resistance to water and fading and is comparable in chemistry to UV flexo.

Inkjet presses are generally less expensive than flexo presses.

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of media for UV inkjet presses, all proven with a variety of substrates for all major OEMs who rely on Inkjet printing.


Digital Portfolio (ANZ)

Digital Portfolio (ASEAN)

On-Demand Colour Inkjet Portfolio (South Asia)

Digital Portfolio (South Asia)

Digital Portfolio (Sub-Saharan Africa)


Craft Segment - Advantage Digital

Craft Segment - Advantage Digital