Label & Packaging for Wine & Spirits Bottles

Wine + Spirits

Standing out from a crowd with a strong brand presence is key in the increasingly crowded wine and spirits category. Equally important is the functionality of the labeling. Wine and drink labels can’t slip off of wet bottles; white labels must stay white even after a bath in an ice bucket. Label Avery Dennison has unique portfolios of labels for wine and spirits that include patented adhesive and coating technologies and the right label materials to ensure that your bottle makes your brand stand out.

Visual Communication

Crowded onto a shelf with dozens of other bottles, labels for alcohol products must tell a huge story at a glance. In addition, they should add a touch of opulence to your space. Our long experience in supplying the wine and spirits marketplace has given us the expertise to work closely with label designers, making sure they have the platform and production choices to put the best and most eye-catching brand image forward. Our collection of solutions for wine, spirits, and beverage labels offers a range of traditional, contemporary and specialty papers and films. From textured, natural wine label paper that evokes an earth-friendly approach or sleek, metalized labels that speak to style-minded consumers, we have the right label and material to express your unique brand story.

Functional Performance

Our products are designed to handle function as gracefully as form. They address such perennial challenges as peeling, edge lifting, wrinkling, and slipping, along with the risks posed by temperature changes during shipping, storage and consumption. As pioneers in creating pressure-sensitive labels, we continually advance our sustainable packaging materials and adhesives to ensure that our solutions are fit for purpose and future-ready. Moreover, our technical teams are always on standby to help create custom solutions to suit unique needs.

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