The Future of Packaging: Exploring the Significance of Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Labels serve as a critical means of conveying information and establishing a brand’s identity to consumers. In recent years, pressure-sensitive labels (PSL) have emerged as an ideal option for product labeling.

This trend is largely driven by the surging demand for sustainable packaging solutions, coupled with the versatility and cost-effectiveness which a pressure-sensitive label offers. As sustainability and visual appeal is becoming increasingly important to consumers, the future of PSLs in packaging looks promising. 

As per a report by Growth Market Reports, the global pressure-sensitive labels market attained a value of USD 93.19 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach USD 136.02 billion by 2030, with a CAGR of 4.3% during 2022-2030.


A Closer Look at Pressure-Sensitive Labels

Pressure-sensitive labels are a type of adhesive label that can be easily applied to a surface with the application of pressure without requiring any heat, water, or solvents. These labels consist of three components - a facestock (the printable surface), an adhesive layer, and a release liner (the protective layer).

Pressure-sensitive labels have emerged as a highly sustainable solution over time and  has been gaining considerable momentum since then. By significantly conserving resources and encouraging recycling, they have become a sustainable choice for businesses seeking reliable and sustainable packaging options.

In addition, brands across multiple industries are opting for pressure-sensitive labels as an effective tool to disseminate information and build a strong brand identity. With the option of customization, businesses can design labels to convey important information which reflects their unique brand voice.

In response to the growing demand for sustainable packaging options, Avery Dennison offers customizable, sustainable pressure-sensitive labels that promote recycling, conserve resources, align with the sustainability goals of businesses and help businesses create a strong business identity. 

For a deeper understanding of the role of pressure-sensitive labels on the ever-evolving packaging industry, continue reading.

Avery Dennison Pressure-Sensitive Labels & Adhesives: Providing Solutions for a Range of Applications 

Pressure-sensitive labels and adhesives are a versatile option, owing to their extensive use in numerous industries, ranging from electronics to construction, consumer goods, graphics, pharmaceuticals and more.

Our labels and adhesives meet a range of specific requirements, from repositionability, antimicrobial properties or moisture resistance, to operating in extreme environments of heat or cold. By creating solutions for a broad spectrum of product needs, we have the capability to produce innovations in the industries below:

Pressure Sensitive Label and Adhesive


Why Pressure-Sensitive Labels are a Popular Choice for Packaging?

Pressure-sensitive labels are highly valued for their exceptional benefits, ranging from ease of application and durability to sustainability, cost-effectiveness and more. As a result, they have become an ideal packaging solution in various sectors. To gain a deeper insight into the advantages of pressure-sensitive labels, let’s explore Avery Dennison’s range of offerings. 


Advancing Sustainability With PET Liners

Pressure-sensitive materials are becoming increasingly popular for sustainable packaging as they require fewer volatile compounds during production, making them an ideal choice for businesses that place great importance on sustainability. 

To further enhance their sustainability, we offer a recycled content liner that includes 30% post-consumer waste from recycled PET bottles. By using this liner, businesses can reduce waste and contribute to environmental conservation while maintaining the same level of quality and performance. 

The use of recycled content also enables converters to provide their customers with a unique selling point, helping them meet their sustainability goals without compromising on the visual and converting performance of their packaging. 


Reducing Waste With Direct Thermal Linerless Labels

Pressure-sensitive materials eliminate the need for additional packaging materials, reducing the amount of material used in the packaging process.

Our Direct Thermal linerless labels offer a range of benefits, including increased efficiency, convenience, and reduced downtime. Eliminating the liner waste associated with traditional labeling solutions, DT linerless labeling solutions can provide up to 50% more labels per roll, enabling businesses to streamline their operations while minimizing waste.

Furthermore, these labels take waste reduction a step further by eliminating the need for release liners and matrices which accounts for more than half of label waste generated during application, leading to additional disposal costs and safety risks. 


Minimizing Costs With ThinkThin Labels

The versatility of pressure-sensitive labels facilitates seamless and expeditious packaging, consequently mitigating the necessity for supplementary packaging materials. As a result, companies can manage their packaging costs, making it a more cost-effective process.

Compared to other packaging options, such as shrink sleeves, our ThinkThin labels offer a lower cost of application. Shrink sleeves require heat and steam application, which can be a more time-consuming and costly process. In contrast, pressure-sensitive labels can be applied quickly and efficiently, reducing labor and equipment costs.

Our labels are engineered with thinner constructions that facilitate carrying more labels per roll, thereby optimizing cost-effectiveness across the entire value chain by reducing handling, transportation, and packaging expenses. Additionally, these labels possess longer roll lengths, which reduces changeovers and machine downtime, further augmenting cost savings.

With our range of pressure-sensitive labels and adhesives, we can help your business align with its sustainability goals while maintaining the same level of quality and performance. To learn more about pressure-sensitive labels and their role in revolutionizing the packaging industry, you can connect with our experts or visit 

Revolutionizing PET Packaging Recycling with Clean FlakeTM Technology

Revolutionizing PET Packaging Recycling with Clean FlakeTM Technology


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