Intelligent Label Innovation Center

Seeing is believing—especially when it comes to the efficiency-enabling, communications-enhancing, brand-loyalty-building power of intelligent labels. We invite you to visit one of our state-of-the art knowledge centers, or one of our dedicated smart-label demonstration sites, to experience intelligent labeling’s advantages firsthand.

Avery Dennison Pune, India Location

Competing on the shelf with dozens of other products, home and personal care packages only get a few seconds to attract attention, making it important for your label to be distinct. Our long experience in supplying the home and personal care segment has given us the expertise to work closely with label designers, making sure they have the platform and production choices to put the best and most eye-catching brand image forward. We offer a range of traditional, contemporary and specialty film and paper solutions for telling your brand story, and our intelligent label solutions offer captivating ways to take the conversation deeper once you’ve caught a consumer’s eye.

Visit iLab, the Avery Dennison Innovation Centre in Pune, India

Interact with live demonstrations, meet with our experts, and get hands-on experience with the technology of tomorrow.