Values That Guide Us

Integrity. Sustainable. Courage. Teamwork. Innovation. External Focus. Diversity. Excellence.

From the beginning, Stan Avery envisioned a company that was respected not only for what it made, but also for what it stood for. Now, as then, we maintain an ethical working culture in which closely held core values are guideposts for everything we do.


We are focused on the long-term health of our business, planet and communities.

• We continually reduce the environmental impact of our business.

• We work to better our communities.


We are driven by doing the right thing. Always.

• We do what we say.

• We put ethics above profit.

• We are honest and transparent in all we do.


We are brave in the face of adversity and the unknown.

• We think big and set ambitious goals.

• We stand and speak up for what is right.

• We take risks and recognize the opportunity in failure.


We use imagination and intellect to create new possibilities.

• We challenge the status quo.

• We use failure to improve and learn.

• We look for ways to disrupt ourselves.

External Focus

We get out to get better.

• We are motivated by our customers’ success.

• We explore the external environment to stretch our perspective and  inform our thinking.


We are better when we work together and put others ahead of ourselves.

• The safety of our teams is priority one.

• We collaborate to leverage our collective strengths.

• We develop and support our team members.


We gain strength from diverse ideas and teams.

• We require different viewpoints and debate.

• We create an inclusive and respectful environment for people of all backgrounds and orientations.


We expect the best from ourselves and each other.

• We deliver on our commitments.

• We are committed to continuous improvement.

• We act decisively with speed and agility.