Durables Compliance

As the pioneer in the pressure sensitive industry, we bring one-of-a-kind capabilities to labels for durables. We combine decades of innovation with deep knowledge of both regulatory and legal requirements. We know about the real-world conditions in which labels must perform, and the technical challenges they have to meet. Whatever your product, wherever it’s going, we can help you develop a label that sticks with it.

Durable-goods label solutions from Avery Dennison deliver what no other label materials can: the benefit of more than eight decades of innovation, customer care, and compliance. Compliance is essential to our work. That means being fully compliant with regulations and standards ourselves. It means delivering products that enable our customers to meet their own compliance requirements and those of their customers. Frequent changes regulations can create business risks. 

The Avery Dennison Durables Compliance service ensures that as our customers, you don’t have to navigate all the legal complexities on your own. It’s informed by the most current regulations around the globe and complemented by the careful review of our technical and compliance specialists. 

Whatever your country, whatever the regulatory agency, we’ve likely been through the compliance process numerous times. Through the Avery Dennison Global Compliance Services (GCS) Laboratory, which is accredited for ISO 17025, we’ll show you how to streamline the labeling portion of the process so that you can save time, reduce costs, and increase the likelihood of approval.

We also made it easier for our customers to go to market with the Customer-Ready Durables Portfolio, which contains a variety of UL-recognised substrates and printing processes. For specific Durables Compliance requirements, talk to us today.

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