Reducing the footprint of Floating Farm


Floating Farm is a dairy company in Rotterdam, Netherlands, that is changing the meaning of urban farming. The company has established the world’s first floating farm and has plans to expand globally to other major cities where traditional local farming practices are impossible.

With a strong focus on sustainability, urban food production, animal welfare, and circular economy, the innovative company needed packaging that helped tell the story of their “fresh, delicious, and honest” dairy products and was aligned with their ambitious sustainability goals.

When Floating Farm first decided to change their label, they were looking for a solution that would enable the recycling of their packaging. Their standard PE labels weren't removable from their PET containers, which limited the recyclability of the package and sustainability of their finished product. 

To solve the problem, Floating Farm switched to the CleanFlake™ label solution, which facilitates PET recycling. The unique pressure sensitive labelling technology enables clean separation of the label’s facestock and adhesive from PET packaging during the sink/float washing process, resulting in pure PET flakes that can be recycled into food-grade rPET.

“The goal of Floating Farm is to have a package that is sustainably sourced, safe for food applications, and recyclable. Our previous use of PE labels with permanent adhesive was reducing the recyclability of our PET containers, since this type of label does not separate from the PET flakes during the recycling process. With the complete switch over to CleanFlake™ technology, the footprint of Floating Farm has improved, since the product enables recycling and helps increase the availability of recycled PET.” -- Minke van Wingerden, Floating Farm

Floating Farm’s sustainability mission and their farming methods are based on the idea of circularity and a closed-loop system. With their new CleanFlake labels, Floating Farm can share the benefits of recyclability of their packaging with their customers and help set the example for other food and beverage companies.

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To learn more about the CleanFlake portfolio from Avery Dennison, contact a sustainable labelling specialist and let us help you find a sustainable solution for your labels and packaging.

To learn more about Floating Farm and their innovative methods, check out their introduction video.

Floating Farm chose to create sustainable packaging in partnership with the Optimum Group. Learn more about their sustainable label materials portfolio on their website.