Labeling Solutions

Our wide range of papers share more than our proprietary portfolio of adhesive and top coat technologies. Each one also comes with the industry-defining expertise of our global and local technical service teams, which can help you choose the right paper for any application.

Coated, uncoated and decorative

Identifying the right paper stock depends on a mix of design, functionality, price and more. Search our products to determine which paper is right for your needs. Or, for some expert advice, reach out to our experienced local teams by clicking “contact us.” We’ve built our reputation on finding solutions for virtually any scenario.


The right adhesive is key to appearance, compliance, conversion and performance. Adhesives are also critical to added functionality like peel-and-read, security labeling and RFID. Our unique, proprietary knowledge of adhesives and coatings (including emulsion, hot melt and solvent options) perfectly complements our broad portfolio— industry’s largest adhesive portfolio.

Legacy of Adhesives


Case Study

Sustainable Papers: Pulmuone Co., Ltd. Pulmuone package redesign pioneers decoration standard in Korean egg market

Case Study

Premium Papers: Canard-Duchêne Distinctive color scheme and strong tactile feel create luxurious presentation




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