Getting Started with RFID Labels

Intelligent labels are the very definition of “value added.” Offering them to your customers demonstrates that you’re more than a label vendor—you’re a valuable partner with proven solutions for helping them improve supply chain efficiencies and increase profits. We’ve shown hundreds of companies, including some of the world’s biggest brands and retailers, how to turn RFID labels into a positive influence on their bottom line. With our proven five-step adoption process, we’re ready to show you how to do the same.

Questions to Ask

Here are some questions that enable you to take your conversation beyond label materials and into the area of RFID labels:

  • Do you have visibility into your item-level, in-store inventory? How accurate is it?

  • Are you aware of the impact it has on your business?

  • How robust is your stocking and replenishment program?

  • Do you have disciplined store operations?

  • How familiar is your C-suite with RFID technology and its benefits?

  • Are they interested in driving adoption forward?

Our five-step adoption process

Adopting and integrating an end-to-end RFID solution is made simpler with  our five-step process:

  • 1. Business Case. We collaborate with you and your customer to develop and verify an ROI plan specific to your customers’ business model; we also clearly outline the  next steps in the process.

  • 2. Custom Solutions.  We help you customize your customer’s solution and engage outside vendors as needed.

  • 3. Pilot Process. Leveraging our RFID experience, we assist your team in starting out simple before layering in additional  customer benefits later in the process.  Additionally, we help you establish key performance indicators to help you gauge the progress of the installation.

  • 4. Initial Rollout. We guide your customers through training, change management, initial tagging, and compliance monitoring.

  • 5. Full Adoption. We support rollout of additional categories and are available to guide your customer in source-tagging to improve their payback and ensure smooth operations.

Understanding RFID

Riding the RFID wave

Ramping up with RFID

Choosing RFID inlays

A Strategic approach

RFID Quick Guide

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