RFID Industry Solutions

Wondering how to best make smart labels work for you? We can help. Our experience of working with more than 100 brands, retailers and converters across multiple industries, plus our ongoing collaboration with longstanding technical partners, enables us to deliver the best possible ROI for virtually any business.

Automotive and Aviation

Our intelligent label solutions offer powerful advantages for transportation-related businesses. In the automotive industry, our solutions deliver production advantages like transparency and quality control. They also enable performance features like tire-quality monitoring. In aviation, our RFID asset-tracking solutions are improving the ease, speed and efficiency of baggage handling for brands like Delta Airlines. Anywhere goods or people are moving from one place to another, our smart-label solutions can help.

Food and Drink

It is widely reported that retailers suffer losses amounting to 10 percent of their revenue through the waste of out-of-date stock. We believe RFID technology could help grocers reduce in-store waste by 20 percent, and reduce labor costs by 50 percent, by delivering improved efficiencies. We’re supporting that vision with technologies that allow for intricate quality control, such as our TTSensorPlus™ which measures food temperature through the supply chain.

Our smart label solutions also empower interactive packing that connects to consumers from the shelf. Our Direct Link™ solution uses NFC labels to interact with consumers in the store and post-purchase, creating endless marketing opportunities.

Beauty and Pharmaceutical

The beauty and pharmaceutical industries share a common need for small-sized intelligent labels. Our range of small-but-versatile  RFID inlays can be applied at a micro-level. These field-tested solutions are proven to increase inventory accuracy, reduce shrinkage, and aid in loss prevention. We apply our years of expertise and close working relationship with industry partners to help recommend the right solution for each application.

We also enable consumer engagement in stores, in pharmacies, and post-purchase through our NFC Direct Link™ solution, which enables unique marketing opportunities through the product itself—from ingredient or side effect information for pharmaceuticals to makeup tutorials for buyers of beauty products.

  • RFID technology helps food retailers to reduce in store waste by  approximately 20% and reduce labor costs by 50% through improved efficiencies.
  • RFID can achieve nearly 100% read rates, much higher than the 85% read rate average of traditional barcodes.

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