Interactive Package Labelling

Consumer Engagement

One of the most exciting opportunities that smart labels enable is the opportunity for brands to interact with consumers via products. Our DirectLink™ interactive packaging solution gives brands a platform to tell their story, share manufacturing information, and offer other engaging content that consumers will want to pay attention to. DirectLink is also a powerful promotional tool that brands can use to offer points, discounts, and other incentives to build customer loyalty. The smart-packaging sector is growing rapidly. With solutions like DirectLink redefining the brand-consumer relationship, it’s no wonder why.

Direct Link at Work

DirectLink uses NFC technology to connect consumers to your brand messages via smartphone.

A broad range of NFC solutions

In addition to DirectLink™, our extensive smart-label portfolio includes a large selection of NFC inlays, NFC tags and NFC labels, all of which are ideal for use for interacting with consumers at very short distances. We offer NFC applications including inlays embedded in posters, promotions and packaging.

Case Study

NFC Technology Connects Consumers and Companies


What happened to the promise of NFC in FMCG smart packaging