Film Label Pioneers

We’re not considered the industry pioneer just because we invented labeling in the 1930s. We’ve earned the title every decade since, with an unparalleled record of innovation that includes the development of a thin film replacement for vinyl labels in the 1950s, our breakthrough line of conformable films for squeezable packaging introduced in the 1990s, and the sustainability-oriented film stocks that require fewer resources and less energy to produce, which we developed in the 2000s. Today, our functional, rigid and conformable facestocks, combined with our groundbreaking, proprietary adhesive technologies, continue to set the industry standard as we develop the next generation of films. From converting to printing to application, we never stop looking for new ways to delight customers and consumers alike.

Proprietary adhesives

You need the right combination of film facestock and adhesive to ensure that your labels look good, comply with regulations, convert properly and perform in the real world. That’s why it makes sense to work with the adhesives expert. Thanks to our long history of developing unique and proprietary adhesives, combined with our longstanding expertise and knowledge in emulsion, hot melt and solvent coating technologies, the breadth of our adhesive portfolio is unmatched.

Risk-free adoption of new materials

We know it’s an exercise in trust for label converters to adopt the latest innovations. New materials can bring challenges like ink anchorage, producing high-quality finishing effects or new converting requirements. Our experienced team of film and adhesive experts provides on-site support to ensure that you’ll realize the benefits of breakthrough products as easily and as efficiently as possible, with printing and converting that meet your highest standards—and your customers’.

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