Conformable Film

Our conformable film portfolio serves a complete range of applications and technologies, with a comprehensive range of products ranging from semi-conformable machine direction oriented (MDO) films to fully conformable polyethylene films. Our films balance all the same things you do: conformability needs related to packaging, operational needs related to printing quality, die cutting characteristics, dispensing demands and, of course, shelf appeal.

High Performance Conformable Film

High performance semi-conformable films

With the semi-conformable films in our Global MDO product portfolio, including our high performance Primax and Fasclear films, there’s no need for compromise. Enjoy extraordinary performance without the usual trade-offs in cost, clarity and sustainability.

High performance fully conformable films

When your package calls for complete conformability, we have you covered. Our comprehensive range of fully conformable film solutions meet general requirements, and highly specific requirements, like squeezability in tubes. White, clear and metalized options deliver flexibility in design, decoration and finish.

Clear on Clear (South Asia)

Flexiprint Clear Conformable Film (South Asia)

High Performance Primax and FasClear

S692N Product Brochure

PE75 Film (ASEAN)

Case Study

When the brand is Flawless™, the packaging has to be, too.