Sustainable Label Solutions

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Increasingly, brands don’t consider sustainable product packaging to be a “nice to have”—instead, it’s a design requirement. The sustainable solutions in our growing ClearIntent portfolio are carefully selected for their documented environmental benefits. Choose from a rich combination of sustainable packaging solutions including facestocks, adhesives and liners, all of which make a big impact for brand owners with reduced impact on the environment.

Bio-based PE Film

More and more, consumers are interested in the origins of a product and its packaging. Our bio-based PE film lets you tell a more environmentally friendly story. It’s made entirely from sugar cane ethanol and can be easily exchanged with conventional, fossil-based PE, thanks to its similar functionality and converting properties. We also have a wide range of responsibly sourced materials and are committed to achieve our 2025 sustainability goal for film—70% of the films that we buy will have a positive environmental impact by 2025.

Reduced Material

Our ClearCut adhesive platform allows for using thinner materials—and thinner means better in a number of ways. It means using less material, which is a good step toward sustainability. And more labels on a roll enable operational efficiencies. And since our ClearCut platform delivers outstanding performance without any compromise on conversion speed, high dispensing speeds for segments like home and personal care and beer can easily be sustained.

Recyclable Labels

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