Turn Consumer Frustration into an Opportunity

8 out of 10 shoppers struggle with removing labels; here’s how converters can respond

It happens countless times every day: Someone buys a beautiful picture frame to display a family photo from a recent vacation. But the stubborn adhesive from the label on the frame’s glass resists an easy peel off. Clean removal involves soapy water, some scrubbing and a poor consumer experience. That experience can reflect negatively on virtually the entire value chain that put the product in the consumer’s hands.

More than 8 out of 10 consumers have had a difficult time removing labels in the last 12 months.

According to a recent survey* of more than 800 consumers, this kind of experience is not at all unusual.

  • 81 percent of respondents have experienced difficulty when removing a label.
  • 72 percent have had a hard time removing a label from a kitchen item.
  • 53 percent said labels have left a sticky residue on the product.
  • 82 percent said they felt frustrated when removing a label from a product.


Frustration leads to negative consequences

As removable labels become commonplace, so have these frustrations. The consequences were reflected in many of the respondents’ comments, including:

“Very frustrating, especially when the sticker is put on the front, glass part of a picture frame. There is really no way to use the product if you can't remove the sticker or residue.”

“(I didn’t remove the label because) it was a collectible, so I had to make sure I didn’t damage the product in any way.”

“I cannot understand what type of company continues putting these types of labels on items. Many other companies use better quality labels that don't leave residue.... I won't buy from them again.”

“I experienced a lot of frustration removing a label from dishes I had purchased as a gift for someone. I thought it should just peel off easily, but it was almost as though the label had been melted onto the dishes.”

“It seems as if so many people had a bad experience with a removable label,” said Agata Kowalska, associate product manager, Select Solutions™ Collection, Avery Dennison Label and Packaging Materials - North America. “Some of our respondents talked about how the wrong label adhesive ruined a present, damaged a collectible, or just caused a lot of grief. It’s happened to me: I recently bought a pair of shoes, and the adhesive left an ugly stain so I went to exchange it for a different pair”.

Kowalska continued: “We want to help converters make the right choice for the removable label, and help them create better consumer experiences for their customers. The label might seem a small part of the product, but it can have a significant impact on customer experience.”


Get the right construction for the application

The Avery Dennison Select Solutions Removables Portfolio can help you and the brand owners improve end user experience. The portfolio includes a core of general-purpose, “Go To” removable adhesives, paired with film and paper facestocks, engineered to work across a variety of substrates and environmental conditions. It also includes a range of removable adhesives for specialized or unique applications, including those optimized for apparel, automotive, inventory management, and restaurant or food rotation.

As with many Select Solutions offerings, Removables portfolio constructions are available in low MOQs, with short lead times through the Avery Dennison EXACT™, Ready Width™ and stocked service programs. “Through our portfolio and service offerings, Avery Dennison can help converters assist brands in making the right removable labeling choices, thus resulting in a happy consumer and continued growth,” added Kowalska.


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Turn Consumer Frustration into an Opportunity

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