Intelligent Labels

Intelligent labels or 'smart labels'—labels inlaid with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology—are rapidly improving many aspects of how we live, from the food we eat to our cars, medicine, and air travel. As the world's largest UHF RFID partner, Avery Dennison is at the forefront of this transformation, developing UHF and HF RFID solutions designed to help improve inventory management and loss prevention as well as enhance consumer engagement.


Intelligent Label Portfolio

We have combined our broad range of pharmaceutical label materials with RFID solutions, giving converters a onestop shop for servicing their customers' needs.

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Getting Started with RFID

Adopting and integrating an end-to-end RFID solution is made simpler with our five-step process.

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Beauty, Home + Personal Care

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Food + Beverage

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Mentor, Ohio

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