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Sustainability requires a team effort. And at Avery Dennison, we're all in.

Transforming our company, supply chain and industry requires collaboration and innovation from our employees, suppliers, customers and partners. Working together, we’ve made progress toward our 2025 sustainability goals.


Enabling transparency and visibility across the fashion supply chain 

Transitioning to a more sustainable and circular economy in the apparel industry isn't just good for the environment, it's also good for business. Read the full report created in conjunction with Raconteur and The Times.

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Our Values

Eight Values. One Team.

Our culture is the foundation of everything we do at Avery Dennison, and our company values are the basis of that culture. These core values shape our behavior and support our business and people as we continue to grow.

Video Highlights

Avery Dennison Partners with Plastic Bank

We're highlighting our partnership with Plastic Bank, and closing the loop on social plastic.

I.Lab, The Avery Dennison Innovation Center in Pune, India

Driven by technology, the I.Lab is a state-of-the-art experience center in Pune, India, that showcases Avery Dennison’s capabilities in RFID and intelligent labeling, offering hands-on experiences, live demonstrations, and customer case studies. The center’s interactive displays exhibit Avery Dennison’s work to transform multiple industries, from retail and apparel to food, with goals to expand intelligent labeling solutions to other areas such as cosmetics, automotive, pharmaceuticals and aviation.



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Building a Culture of Volunteerism

The Future Starts Now

10 Sustainable Solutions from Avery Dennison



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