Recycle your label waste

Contrary to older ways of thinking, liners and matrix —paper and film, siliconized or not— are recyclable. But until now, a worldwide lack of local, cost-effective recyclers has prohibited many converters and end-users from recycling, resulting in millions of tons of label waste being incinerated or going to landfills every year.

Avery Dennison recycling services are filling the gap in label-waste recycling by providing a global network of processors who will transport and recycle your used liners and matrix at the same cost or less as what you’re paying now. In many cases, your waste will be processed into new liners and matrix, improving the availability of recycled materials for our industry and our customers.

Finding a recycler is easy—just use our interactive map to get contact information for recyclers near you. Be sure to check back for ongoing updates.

Labelling materials containing recycled content are now a great choice for label converters and brand owners, thanks to careful selection from post-consumer waste streams and modern paper manufacturing processes.

More than just a good idea. 
Increasingly, countries are limiting landfill waste. Our cost-effective recycling services let you future-proof your business against new regulations.

Brands (and consumers) demand it. 
Sustainability-oriented brands are looking beyond the recyclability of their products to the recyclability of their packaging as well. Recycling label waste improves your sustainability profile and increases the amount of recycled material available for the manufacture of new liners and matrix. And of course, less liner waste in incinerators and landfills means a healthier environment, while greater use of recycled material means less consumption of natural resources—something that the consumers of today, and the generations of tomorrow, will value.

See our interactive map of recyclers or get a printable list of recyclers here.

CleanFlake™ Adhesive Technology


Avery Dennison understands that in addition to providing recycling services, we also need to create innovative products made from recycled content and products that enable recycling and ultimately offer a solution to recycle our own materials and waste.

Enabling recycling
Labelling can be a key pain point in recycling processes, which is why Avery Dennison has focussed on creating solutions that ease that pain: Our award-winning CleanFlake™ Adhesive Technology is a key solution for PET Plastic Recycling. Developed to advance the recycling of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers, CleanFlake™ is a water-based, recyclable adhesive, which cleanly separates during the PET Plastic recycling process. The adhesive adheres to the PET bottle until the very end of its lifecycle, when the cohesive bond is broken at the recycler in the sink/float process. This allows the facestock and adhesive to cleanly separate from the PET flake resulting in pure PET flakes, the conservation of virgin PET resources, and less landfill waste. Available in clear or white BOPP film facestocks and now a 54# semi-gloss paper, CleanFlake is the first complete solution to address PET plastic recycling.


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