Beauty, Home + Personal Care


It takes more than looks to succeed in the beauty, home and personal care markets. The constant introduction of new products, expanded categories and revamped designs create a need to stand out on the shelf and reinforce the brand. A premium presence might be necessary, or a unique container shape, or graphics that pop out from the clutter.

But equally important is working with someone who really knows how to bring a signature, sales-increasing  look to life. At Avery Dennison, we work closely with both converters and brand owners to create label and packaging solutions that truly differentiate products and provide a competitive advantage. We combine decades of technical experience and fresh insights into consumer trends to help design labels that are on-brand and on the money when it comes to standing apart from, the pack.

Home + Personal Care

When it comes to standing out in this segment, shelf appeal and functionality are equally essential.

Beauty, Fragrance + Cosmetics

Succeeding in this segment requires balancing shelf appeal with functionality and compliance. See how it can be done.

Paper Solutions

Paper from Avery Dennison has outstanding credentials. We offer a broad range of facestocks for a wide array of applications, with each paper chosen specifically for its superb performance in demanding environments.

Film Solutions

No other film performs like Avery Dennison film. Across the broadest range of applications, our prime fim products set the standard for conversion efficiency, adhesion and brand aesthetics.

Intelligent Labels

Businesses in multiple industries choose Avery Dennison intelligent label solutions to boost efficiency, enhance visibility and increase margins while providing consumers with interactive, personalised brand experiences.

Sustainable Solutions™

Our Clear Intent™ portfolio includes a wide range of sustainable paper options that enable you to achieve exceptional print quality without costing the earth.

Sensorial Collection